Third post – I don’t like cake…

Right this second I am feeling pretty smug. Because I made shortcakes yesterday. And they’re pretty nummy. So nummy they’re gone. High fives for me.


Second Post – Getting there



I hate hospitals. Last time I posted in this blog….thing I spoke about the hideous case of tonsilitis I had contracted. Hoping that that would be the last of it, that I could just bitch and moan about it, but that I was on my way to a somewhat speedy recovery. WRONGO. Several hours after posting my last entry I was trudging my way into A&E, for what is known as a quinsy.

Now, I had never heard of this before, but by the way all the doctors and nurses were looking at me and shaking their heads in a “you poor bastard” kinda way, I could basically grasp that it was all kindsa no craic, and getting rid of it would be less fun. Basically, its when the area surrounding your tonsils swells so bad, it completely blocks you’re airway so you can’t swallow, talk, and if its left for long enough, breath.

Don’t google image it, you will regret it.

I won’t go through the surgical unpleasantries of how they got rid of it, but basically it means I’ve been living off yoghurt and scrambled egg for the past two weeks. 

The following links have cheered me up in my time of grumpiness. Enjoy. 


*Note: I have about 4 heroes, but Johnny is the only one I would hit someone with a chair to get to. So that puts him up there.

First post

This week I was meant to start my brand new, fabulous, well paying job. To celebrate this job I was meant to go out his weekend, buy some new things (i.e. basic human necessities I have not been able to afford, such as NICE shampoo), perhaps go for dinner with my mother (THIS IS EXCITING, I HAVE AN EXCITING LIFE).

Sadly, this was not the case. In the short space of 4 days, I have contracted another case of severe tonsilitis, For the 4th time. And they still won’t take out my tonsils, Despite the fact that I can’t swallow ANYTHING. In my confinement I decided to begin this blog so to speak (I wouldn’t even call it that to be honest), which bases itself around the interesting links I find on stumbleupon, from my email subscriptions, twitter, and the aul inter web in general.

So. In my first I’ve included food, music, food, clothes, food and….and food. This is definetly gonna be a pattern so get used to it. enjoy.